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Pure Blossom Skin

The Microfiber Face Cloth

The Microfiber Face Cloth

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A must for gentle daily exfoliation

GENTLE exfoliation is the foundation on which to build your glowing, healthy skin regimen. Our fluffy Microfiber cloth is 5x5, which is the perfect size for your face.

*The Microfiber Face Cloth is your free gift with The Full Blossom, & Tiny Blossom Sample Kit


Active/Key Ingredients

Hypoallergenic Microfiber with fleece weave


Use only ONCE a day.

Wet with warm water. Squeeze out excess water, and GENTLY buff skin.

Clean after each use w/gentle soap, rinse well, squeeze out excess water, hang dry.

Full Ingredient List

Polyester and polyamide microfiber.
Fleece weave. 5 x 5


Ecco friendly, can be used 100's of times, machine washable.

Air dry and avoid dryer sheets to maintain fluffy softness.

A periodic soak in vinegar will remove any lingering musty towel smell.

PH | Sources

Mainland Textiles LLC

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