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Pure Blossom Skin

Tiny Blossom Sample Kit

Tiny Blossom Sample Kit

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A little Bit of Everything

Our Tiny Blossom Sample Kit has a taste of all six of our steps to healthy, glowing skin, and should last about 4-7 days depending on how much you use (the C SERUM will last longer). Have realistic expectations, as any true skin transformation takes weeks, if not months. (Younger skin typically takes 28 days to cycle, while experienced skin can take up to 84 days. Not to worry though- good things come to those who wait!) 

This Sample Kit should be used to help you decide if you like the formulas, to isolate if you have specific favorites, or if you have sensitive skin, to make sure everything agrees with you. It's also the perfect size to take on vacation, so you don't have to lug full size bottles, or take your beloved VITAMIN C SERUM out of the fridge. 

*Sample Kit also includes 1 Microfiber Face Cloth as our thank you gift for trying our products. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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Sample kit also includes complete AM/PM instruction card.

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The sample size VITAMIN C SERUM has about 40 pumps, so at 1 1/2 pumps, that's about 25 days worth. You do not have to refrigerate it, IF you plan to use it right away, but if say, you order a few weeks before a vacation, pop it in the fridge until you are ready to go to ensure its freshness. If you expose it to constant heat above 77*, it will probably start to oxidize at about 3 weeks. It is totally fine to use if it turns a little yellow- just pitch it if it turns orange or dark brown.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patricia Thomson
Generous sample sizes

A friend gifted me the samples of Pure Blossom and I really like all the products. I used them consistently and could see a difference in my skin. The portions are good sized and worth it to purchase.

So happy you saw a difference in your skin from using the Tiny Blossom Sample Kit, and that you found the sizes to be generous. Effective and a great value- now that's a win-win!

Laurel Janssen Byrne

I've always had sensitive skin - to products, to weather, to hormones, to change. Pure Blossom is the first complete product line that makes my 51-year old skin breathe and glow. I now have strangers complimenting my skin! And the best compliment? When my teenager and her friends tell me my skin is glowing and I look so young. I'm obsessed with this now!

Who says obsessions are a bad thing-- this is definitely one we can get behind! When a compliment comes from the kiddo's, you know it's legit! We are delighted to be your obsession, and we thank you for kindly sharing!

Sandra Gerbman
Nourishing and effective!

I am so happy to have discovered the skin care line. Most products irritate my skin or cause breakouts. So I’m always worry about trying something new. But I know how knowledgeable and meticulous Debbie is so I was excited to give it a try. My skin loved it immediately! It feels deeply nourishing, and I’m noticing how incredibly supportive, hydrating, and rejuvenating the products are to my skin. At 53 years old, I’m noticing lots of changes in my skin, and the products are reducing my fine lines, firming, and lifting the areas of my face that are starting to droop, and creating the most beautiful, radiant glow all day. For anyone who has sensitive skin, or skin that is maturing, I would highly recommend this product line. It’s fantastic!

Thanks so much for the love, and for your use of the words; nourishing, effective, hydrating, rejuvenating, beautiful and radiant-- you are speaking our language!! Truly, those are the words we live for, and we are so excited you are seeing such significant changes in your skin already. Thank you for sharing! xx

Amazing product

I have loved how my skin has transformed over the course of a month. I’m also out of my sample kit and plan to order a complete kit soon. I love how everyone comments how good my skin looks but above all I love feeling how good my skin looks. I’ve really been so happy with the product. Hoping a facial cleaner comes out soon to use along with the steps. Make up is so much easier to put on too. Great job creating this product. Haven’t loved any line more.

We are so excited you are loving your skin, and that others are noticing as well- that has to feel good. To answer your question, yes a cleanser is in the works- we will keep you posted, and thanks so much for sharing your beautiful skin photos!!

Julianne Roseman
Glowing and rested !

I loved the way my skin looked and felt once I started using my Pure Blossom sample kit. My skin was glowing and I felt like I looked more rested. I will be ordering more full size products 🙌🏼☺️

Glowing and rested is a beautiful combination! We are so glad you are going to order full sized products-your skin will just get better and better!! Thanks so much for sharing xx