Q: Do I have to use all of the steps?

A: No, not at all.  Although they are designed to work synergistically together, and each ingredient was specifically selected for it’s efficacy, each product can stand alone and play well with others.


Q: Will I see immediate results from using the sample kit (4-7 days)?

A: Not likely.  4-7 days is just not long enough to start affecting any meaningful skin changes.  The purpose of the sample kit is to help you determine whether you like the products, they work for you and your life, and that there are no skin sensitivities.


Q: When can I start to see results?

A:  Any new skincare regimen takes usually 5-6 weeks to start showing results.  (Although some of our customers start to see them much sooner!)


Q: Why do I have to let the TONER & C SERUM absorb completely before moving on to next step?

A: So that you do not dilute the actives with the next product, thus slightly reducing their efficacy.  To have them work at their highest level, they need to absorb on their own.


Q: Why do I have to apply steps 4, 4.5 & 5 on damp skin?

A: Because it helps to drive moisture into your skin, and helps to seal the moisture in. And bonus, it actually helps you to use less product by helping it to spread more readily and evenly. A true win-win.


Q: Can I still use Retin A, or my retinol product?

A: Absolutely!  Just make sure any retinol product is used in the PM (Retin A & Retinol products make you more susceptible to sun damage), and that you use steps 1 & 2 in the AM.  NEVER use pure form vitamin C (L-Abscorbic Acid) & retinol together. Also note that our Heal & Seal OIL features 2% Bakuchiol extract, which is often referred to as natures retinol, with clinical studies to back that claim, so by just using using our OIL, you are getting skin benefits similar to .50% retinol (It just may take a little longer due to Bakuchiol's gentle nature). And the bonus- Bakuchiol can be used day or night, and can be used with any forms of vitamin C! (PS there is Vitamin C in our Heal & Seal OIL too, so it is a gentle, heavy hitting treatment in it's own right!)


Q: Do I have to use steps 1 & 2 in the AM?  I’m too busy in the AM, and don’t have time to wait a few extra minutes.

A: Not at all, unless you use a retinol product as well (see above question & answer). If you do not use an additional retinol or retin A, then you can absolutely use the TONER & C SERUM at night when you have more time to let each layer dry. Side note- studies have shown that using an antioxidant (Vitamin C) prior to sunscreen, can optimize SPF benefits.  It helps address damage from pollutants and the sun by neutralizing free radicals before exposure, helping to reduce oxidative stress, that's why it's typically recommended for AM.  


Q: Do I have to refrigerate my VITAMIN C SERUM?

A: Not exactly. Although, refrigeration is highly recommended, and will help postpone the inevitable oxidative process, it is not absolutely necessary.  It will be fine in a cool, dark place for 3 months, but will most likely start oxidizing sooner. (Our serum is extremely fresh and potent, but can not stand prolonged heat.)


Q: My VITAMIN C SERUM is becoming more yellow.  Is it ok and still effective?

A: Yes, yellow is fine and still effective.  If it turns dark orange or brown, it has completely oxidized, and should be discarded. That should not happen in 3 months, unless you stored it in the oven! 


 Q: I have used or seen other Vitamin C Serums that do not recommend refrigeration.  Why is that?

A: Often you see other products that either use different forms of Vitamin C (ie, NOT L-Ascorbic Acid) or include darker colored ingredients that mask when the oxidation process has occurred.When you mix L-Ascorbic Acid with water, it will eventually completely oxidize, no matter how stable your formula is, or what ingredients you mix with it. That is why we sell ours in such a small bottle.  When used daily, it should last about 2-3 months.   


Q: If L-Ascorbic Acid is so difficult to keep stable, why do you use it?

A: Because L-Ascorbic Acid is the most studied, and scientifically proven topical form of Vitamin C there is.  It delivers unequivocal and undeniable results. Some other forms of C (We also use two other forms), have shown some great promise, but they just don’t have the breadth of scientific studies to back them up -at least not yet.  For now, L-Absorbic Acid is King, and the results justify putting up with its temperamental ways.